Ahmad Angawi
Born in 1981
Lives and works
in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Ayman Zedani
Nidhal Chamekh
Ahmad Angawi
Flow (2018)
Transparent PVC tubes, liquid, motor, dimensions variable
Courtesy of the artist 
Commissioned by the Saudi Art Council for 21,39 (2018)

Angawi has created a complex installation that explores the interaction of physical and artificial systems and processes. It consists of transparent PVC tubes enmeshed in a specific pattern. The tubes are filled with coloured liquid, which flows through them following a certain rhythm. The movement of the coloured liquid reflects on the dynamism of the forces that define everyday reality: from the passing of time, which is felt in the rhythmic movement of the artwork, to the intensity of the city, which can be related to the same process of constant motion.

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